Messianic Jews and the Torah

There is certainly a lot of conflicting views within Messianic Judaism, Judaism and Christianity. But we are all human, with finite human understanding, so why should we be surprised?

As a friend of mine often says, “When Messiah comes, He will explain everything and give us the proper interpretation of Torah.”

Morning Meditations

I know I’m probably opening up a big can of worms here, but I’ve read a couple of things online today (yesterday as you read this) that really have me scratching my head (in puzzlement, not because I have an itch).

The first was from the “Ask the Rabbi” column at Someone asked:

I get upset when I see different Jewish denominations at odds with each other. Why doesn’t everyone just accept everyone else? Or perhaps is there a way to know which of the denominations is the most correct?

I’ll only quote part of the Rabbi’s answer:

Historically, any Jewish group which denied the basic principles of Jewish tradition – Torah and mitzvah-observance – ultimately ceased to be part of the Jewish people. The Sadducees and the Karites, for instance, refused to accept certain parts of the Oral Law, and soon after broke away completely as part…

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